Memento Mori Group Exhibition

Last Thursday was the opening night of the Memento Mori Exhibition at In.cube8r Gallery in Fitzroy, Melbourne. I was lucky to be invited to take part in this amazing group show and made an artwork inspired by the last day of the Hungry Ghost Month in China. While doing research, it was so much fun to read up about the rituals and ceremonies surrounding the concept of death- some of them were so bizarre (to those coming from outside of the culture), and it was beautiful to see how these funeral practices deeply reflected a culture's beliefs and values. 

Here is my final artwork! 

Website Update

After many months of frantically painting away and not having time for much else, I have finally gotten around to updating my website. Hurray! 

You can now view some work that I made recently, topped with an updated logo (ie. mushroom-head Freda is now simplified and is looking at you with her evil red eye). My aim is to post here more often so I can share stuff that's been happening in more detail.