Bertha (2013)
Graphite on paper

Bertha is a series of interconnected, non-linear comics that build a dark tale about a homophobic woman through tiny snippets of her life. This first issue acts as the backdrop to the narrative of Bertha that is to be further developed in proceeding issues. 

The piece was influenced by my personal experiences growing up in Sydney’s western suburbs where homophobic attitudes are quite prevalent. It is a story of the destructive nature of homophobia in society resulting from an individual’s upbringing, gender stereotypes, religion and lack of education. Bertha consequently shows not only how homophobia can affect our own lives, but inadvertently our loved ones. 

Bertha was created for my final university major project and recently won a 2014 Applied Arts Magazine Student Award (Complete Illustration Category), and was also a finalist in the Australian Design Biennale Student Awards 2014. 

Supervisor: Gabriel Clark